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General safety guidelines

  1. Obtain a Service Manual on your carrier machine from the manufacturer. Study and follow all safety recommendations. If there are discrepancies between our guidelines and those of the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s safety instructions must take precedence. This is especially important regarding welding procedures.
  2. Always wear safety glasses and protective clothing when installing or adjusting hydraulic components.
  3. Disconnect the battery cables before any electrical circuit is added or modified.
  4. Bleed pressure from the hydraulic tank before loosening any hydraulic connections during installation.
  5. Before welding, disconnect the battery cables and cover all cylinder rods and other vulnerable components with wet rags.
  6. Always ground the welding lead in such a way that current cannot arc across bearings or other main components.
  7. Due to the nature of oil under high-pressure, it is necessary to use a piece of cardboard to check for possible leaks in the circuit.

Why is the pressure not building up?

It is necessary to understand that the pump only creates flow and that  resistance to flow develops pressure. So, if the pressure and return lines are tied together and a gauge is installed in the line, the gauge would theoretically read zero (in actuality, it will read the back pressure in the return line.)

There are many different reasons for pressure not building up.  As a preliminary step, a couple of things can be checked:

  • Check oil level in hydraulic reservoir
  • Check to see if ‘Safety lock’ is engaged
  • Check settings on port reliefs or in-line reliefs if any
  • Check shut-off valves
  • Check wiring to make sure the actuation system is working


Convert from Into Multiply by
Gallons (U.S.) Liters 3.7854
Liters Gallons (U.S.) 0.2642
PSI Kg/Cm2 0.07031
Kg/Cm2 PSI 14.223
PSI BARS 0.06895
BARS PSI 14.5038
Inches Millimeters 25.4
Millimeters Inches 0.03937
Ft/lbs (Torque) Kg/meter 0.13826
Kg/meter (Torque) Ft/lbs 7.233
Temperature Conversions
ºF = (9/5 ºC) + 32
ºC = 5/9 (ºF-32)