HydrauliCircuit Technology (HCT) offers industry-leading hydraulic kits – BOLT ON, POWDER COATED finish, SOLID STEEL clamps, HEAVY WALLED tubing – and we stand behind it with best in class PRODUCT SUPPORT.  Since 1996, HCT has been producing high quality, easy to install hydraulic kits to operate attachments or combination of attachments on EXCAVATORS and BACKHOES.


KIT DESIGNS are based on actual in-house installations at our state-of-the-art 35,000 sq.ft Research, Design and Manufacturing facility.


INSTALLATION MANUALS include photos, CAD drawings and step-by-step instructions.



  • PREFORMED TUBE assemblies to fit your boom profile
  • BOLT ON clamps and brackets for Stick and Boom
  • SPRING GUARD protection for Stick to Boom hoses for added protection
  • POWDER COATED Tube assemblies and BOLT ON brackets for best finish and longer life

Powder coating provides a protective coating that is UV resistant and enhances the life of the components in addition to improving the look and finish of the installed product.  There is no need to paint any of these components, saving you time and labor.




Our Tubing has heavier wall thickness than most competitors and OEMs.

Clamp assemblies are made from solid steel.


HCT Tubes connect directly to the hose assembly and DO NOT require a male-to-male union to achieve this. HCT connections minimize the chance for leaks to develop, and we meet or exceed SAE published standards:

  • OEM style ORFS or CD62 4-bolt Flange Connections
  • Higher Safety Standards
  • Efficient Designs with fewer connections

HCT controls the process in house from start to finish by manufacturing tube assemblies using Pulse MIG welding.




  • Shipments arrive in SINGLE CRATE
  • Heavy-duty crates ensure that the product reaches you safely and securely.
  • Foam sleeve and tie-downs are used to protect powder coated tubes during shipment.

Single-Acting Single-Acting Used for breakers, compactors, and rotary cutters, these attachments process oil in one direction and require low back pressure on the return. Our kit returns oil directly to the hydraulic reservoir.
Double-Acting Double Acting Schematic Used for thumbs, shears, crushers, and grapples, these attachments typically utilize a cylinder that must extend and retract, and thus require a circuit that can route oil bidirectionally.
Dual-Purpose Dual Purpose Schematic With the addition of some special valving (custom made for HydrauliCircuit Technology, Inc.), we can offer kits that are easily converted from single-acting to double-acting, allowing your carrier to operate various attachments (a shear and a breaker, for example).
Second-Function Second-Function Schematic We stock special directional valves that make it easy to add more auxiliary circuits to operate secondary functions (a rotating function on a crusher, for example.)
HydrauliCircuit Technology, Inc., hydraulic kits are top of the line, and our professional hydraulics engineers are skilled in assessing your needs and providing industry best solutions. Contact HydrauliCircuit Technology, Inc., today for a free consultation.