At HydrauliCircuit Technology, Inc., our hydraulic kit components are built for reliability and durability and are engineered to withstand extreme-duty applications. We produce our own tube assemblies, hose assemblies, and brackets. Our high-quality clamp assemblies are made from solid forged steel, and our tubing has heavier wall thickness than most competitors and OEMs.

We build custom tube assemblies, hose assemblies, and mounts per your drawings and specifications. Email your drawings for a professional evaluation and quote: sales@hctkits.com

We off­er add-on kits such as the pattern changer kit, which allows switching between SAE and BHL operation control pattern. Our hydraulic and electric breaker autolube systems are easy to install, and you quickly recover costs by extending breaker tool and bushing life.

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Extremely versatile and reliable valve for use in the pilot system of your excavator. Proportional capability gives precise control that will be appreciated when operating thumbs, shears, or rotation circuits.

This double-acting valve also works well on single-acting circuits as well.

Features include:

  • Rubber boot keeps this valve free from effects of dirt and water.
  • A mechanical locking device for safety. This feature allows the unit to function as a footrest.
  • Mounting brackets are included, but the existing bolt hole pattern matches existing floor cut-outs on many popular excavators.

Super tough lightweight, proportional joystick replaces your existing joystick. Light touch buttons reduce operator fatigue.Proportional Joystick

The two Proportional buttons under the thumb are typically used in rocker fashion to operate a cylinder or rotate function. A trigger switch can be used to operate an existing function, such as a horn or “power boost”.

Features include:

  • Allows precise control of the attachment.
  • Field adjustable driver board.
  • Adapter bushings are available in various diameter and thread types.
  • Switches rated up to ten million cycles.
  • A pre-wired harness is included for most applications.
  • Ergonomic design fits your hand comfortably

You won’t find a more durable tube and clamp system. It is even stronger than the original equipment on your excavator. These clamps stay tight. Nothing moves. Nothing wears. There are no flimsy rubber or plastic inserts to wear out.

components-kit3Tubing Features include: 

  • Typical .200″ wall thickness (compared to industry standard .125″). This heavy walled material is extremely resistant to damage from external forces, and allows for a stronger clamping force.
  • Tube ends are Pulse MIG welded and pressure tested.
  • Tubes are custom-fabricated for your installation. You will not have to bend the tubing during the installation.
  • Black primer to protect from rust during shipment. Powder coating option available.
  • Our kits use manufacturer approved ORFS (O-ring Face Seal) or SAE Code 62 Flange weld ends that match the host machine. Our designs meet and/or exceed the SAE applications.

Clamp Features include: 

  • Massive clamps are forged from solid steel.
  • Numerous sizes and shapes are used to provide you with the exact fit you need for your application. This is not the “one size fits all” approach taken by other kit suppliers.
  • Clamps are supplied with detailed installation instructions to insure that the structural integrity of your excavator is not compromised.
  • Locking bolts stay tight.


TC3Heavy walled, custom fabricated and pressure tested tubing with Pulse MIG welded ends ensure long life in harsh demolition applications. All tube assemblies have tags with part numbers for easy identification.


Components32Heavy duty, forged steel clamps are custom designed to match our tubing and ensure a tight fit. These are tougher than most clamps used on your carrier.


flangeORFS (O-ring Face Seal) or Code 62 FLANGE welded ends to meet or exceed SAE and OEM specifications

Our tube/hose connections use construction industry standards SAE approved O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) or Code 62 4-bolt Flange connections while maintaining the industry standard 4:1 safety factor.

Leaking hydraulic fluid can be a minor annoyance, or a major catastrophe. Either way, HCT connections minimize the chance for leaks to develop.

  • Our tube/hose connections use construction industry standard connectors,
    such as SAE approved O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) or Code 62 4-bolt Flange, while maintaining the industry standard 4:1 safety factor.
  • SAE published standards state that;
  • An ORFS connection is rated over 5000PSI for 1″ ID and smaller lines.
  • An ORFS connection is only rated to 4000PSI on 1.25″ ID or larger lines.
  • To achieve 5000 PSI on 1.25″ ID or larger lines and maintain the 4:1 safety factor, it’s necessary to use Code 62 4-bolt Flanges. This arrangement is standard on all HCT high- pressure applications.
  • Unlike some competitors, our tubes connect directly to the hose assembly and do not require a male-to-male union. This method eliminates over half the potential leak points on the stick and boom lines when compared to other hydraulic kit manufacturers.

  • HCT manufactures tube assemblies using Pulse MIG welding, rather than flared / ferrule connections.
  • Our installation manuals include proper tightening techniques as well as the proper torque charts to ensure the integrity of the connection.
  • Proper installation and routing techniques are explained in the manual to reduce binding and strain that may occur during operation.
  • HCT recommends periodic inspection and maintenance to reduce catastrophic failures and downtime.

If you use a hydraulic breaker, you need a custom built HydrauliCircuit Technology 5-gallon breaker Autolube system. You will quickly recover the cost of the Autolube system with extended working tool and bushing life. Even if you grease your breaker manually as often as the manufacturer recommends (usually every two hours), most of the grease liquefies and runs out within the first few minutes of operation. Our engineered Autolube systems inject small quantities of grease continuously during breaker operation only, resulting in a properly lubricated breaker. Overall grease consumption is significantly reduced compared to manual greasing, plus you don’t have to wonder if the breaker was lubricated or not. Grease out

Also, included with the Autolube system, is our exclusive “Warning Sensor” unit, which allows you to choose between an audible warning signal, or shutdown of the breaker operation, when the grease is depleted. Switching between the two options is very simple. All systems come complete with hoses, fittings, clamps, mounting components, and detailed installation instructions.put is infinitely adjustable, which allows the Autolube system to be used on small, medium and large breakers.

Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic 5 Gal Autolube

  • For Larger Excavators
  • 5 Gallon Capacity
  • Infinitely Adjustable Output
  • Includes Low Level/ Shut Down Warning Sensor

Electric Pump

  • Popular for Smaller Excavators and Tractor Loader Backhoes
  • Offered in two sizes – 1 gallon and 2 gallon.
  • Clear reservoir helps easily monitor grease level.
  • Grease output is dependant on number of elements.  One element is standard.
  • Grease output relief prevents excess pressure build up in system.
  • Reservoir can be filled in bulk or with gun.
  • Includes Low level sensor with audible signal.

Electrical Autolube - 4liter (1 Gallon)

4- Liter / 1 Gallon Autolube

  • 12 V DC
  • Standard on Backhoes
  • Available with 24V DC option for Excavators

Electrical Autolube 8 Liter (2 Gallon)8- Liter / 2 Gallon Autolube

  • 12 V DC
  • Standard on Backhoes
  • Available with 24V DC option for Excavators

Need a special valve that you just can’t find locally? Chances are, we have it in stock. We can even design and build valves for your special requirements.



Available Valves Include:

    • Solenoid Activated Valves
    • Pilot Pressure Activated Valves
    • Priority Flow Control (Hammer Valves)
    • Flow Divider Valves
    • Shuttle Valvescomponents-kit12
  • Check Valves
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Selector Valves
  • Directional Valves
  • Ball Valves (2-way, 3-way, 4-way)
  • Relief Valves
  • Flow Combiner Valves
  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Sectional Valves
  • Pedal Valves

Protect your excavator against contamination by using one of our return filter assemblies. These filters are available as an option.
Features include:  

  • Durable, compact design
  • Unique dirt tolerant rolled thread design.
  • Quick, easy and economical element change-out.


  • Porting – SAE ORB
  • Maximum Operating Pressure – 800 PSI
  • orting Head – Die Cast Aluminum
  • Element Case – Steel





BOLT ON DESIGN : Allows for an quick and easy installation

TUBULAR FRAME : Provides strength and durability.  Powder coated for longevity.

CRIMPED WOVEN MESH : ¼” Wire, 2” x 2” spacing

WELDED TABS : Ensures heavy duty mounting when used with 10.8 class bolts


VERSATILE APPLICATIONS : 2 part numbers typically cover 7 to 60 metric ton machines – (Standard and Reduced Radius)


  • Mesh Only
  • Lexan Only
  • Mesh + Lexan Combo


  • Hinged
  • Fixed

With HydrauliCircuit Technology, Inc., state-of-the-art products, you get the quality parts and services you need, in the timeframe you need them. Contact HydrauliCircuit Technology, Inc., today to learn more about our superior hydraulic kit components.