3-Mode Proportional Joystick

3-Mode Proportional Joystick Trigger


The 3-MODE PROPORTIONAL JOYSTICK makes setting up and selecting different modes on multifunction kits a breeze. A compact, built in module, eliminates the need for large monitors, control panels, multiple selector switches and harnesses to set the active mode, each time an attachment is changed or machine is turned on. When the machine is turned on, the 3-mode proportional joystick defaults to the last active mode.

Other Features Include:

  • Tough, Lightweight and Ergonomic handle
  • Light touch buttons reduce fatigue
  • Adapter bushings are available in various diameters and thread types.
  • Adjustable driver board can independently set max flows in each mode based on attachment specification.
  • Preprogrammed for up to 3 attachments to suit your application.
  • Clear coded visual indicator for easy identification of active mode.
  • You can select bang-bang or proportional control in each mode, depending on the attachment. For example, Breaker in mode 1 can be a bang-bang operation while Shear in mode 2 can be proportional.
  • Changing modes in the field is as simple as changing the time on a digital watch. Modes can be locked out if desired.
  • Auxiliary and diverter outputs can be set in any mode and are preset for your application.
  • Trigger function allows use of existing functions like Horn, Power Up or Heavy Lift.